Standard Flights

Our sunrise flights are scheduled seven days a week, 365 days a year, weather permitting. We meet one hour prior to sunrise and then travel to one of our many launch sites. Inflation takes about 20 minutes and then we are airborne.

The flight is approximately one hour and we will ascend anywhere from rock formations to several thousand feet. Once you’re airborne your pilot will point out the spectacular sites of Cappadocia, from Red Valley to the Goreme and vineyards, to rock formations absolutely beauty of the nature. Our flying area has many wonderful things to see.

Once we have landed and the balloons are stored away we prepare for our Traditional Champagne Toast. Non-alcoholic beverages are also available. We will then transfer you to your hotels. Our passengers are then presented with a Flight of Ascension certificate by their pilot.

Comfort Flights

Comfort flight is our new premium standard flight that is configured between deluxe flights and standard flights which lasts minimum one hour with a maximum capacity of 12 people in the balloon. Comfort Flight appeal to passengers who currently fly standard flight but who would appreciate more spacious room and prefer to fly in a small size balloon. Depending on the number of the people that sign up for the comfort balloon ride, we use basket with a capacity of 12 or 16 people maximum.

12 people will be in a Single T basket which has 3 partitions. One for the pilot and two for the passengers. In each patition there will be 6 people. 16 people basket will Double T Basket which has 5 patitions. The middle partition will be for the pilot and the other 4 partition will be for the passengers. In Double T Basket there will be 4 people in each partition.

Comfort flight appeals to passengers who currently take the standard flight but who would appreciate more spacious room in a smaller size basket. In summary, comfort flights appeal to our standard flight passengers who desire an even higher level of comfort during the flight.

Exclusive Flights

Skyway Balloons offers you an unmatched Exclusive Flight package that concentrates solely on you…

We fly through the Cappadocian Valleys for one and a half hours in a private balloon for only “two” passengers. Our personal touch and professional experience will definitely make your flight “a memorable event” for long years to come.

The exclusive service starts with a private transfer from your hotel continues with an in-Flight Champagne service and a private picnic celebration catered to your desire after landing and finishes with a private transfer back to you hotel. An Exclusive Flight maybe the best way to celebrate an anniversary or a special occasion.

Your exclusive balloon ride will be created to your desires and wishes from the time we collect you from your location.


Full passenger insurance
One and a half hour balloon flight in a private balloon for two
Private Transportation from/to hotel
Max. 4 people capacity basket
In Flight Champagne service
Exclusive Private Picnic celebration after the flight catered to your desire.
Champagne Celebration on landing
Souvenir Flight Certificate

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